BBEDC is a fusion of talents, above all the talents of our incredible choreographers and teachers

Redoane Ait Chitt, aka bboy Redo. Redo is our Dutch partner representing Roots Dance Studio. Redo is an internationally renowned breakdancer who has travelled the world both with his original crew the Funky Dope Manouvres and the ILL-Abilities with other hip hop legends such as Krazy Kujo, Checho, Lazylegz and Tommy Guns Ly.

Redoane Ait Chitt, aka Bboy Redo

Naz works with Redo and choreographs and trains his crew, Breaksquad, who are part of the project as participating students.

Jeroen Van Der Linden, aka Nazgul

Breakdancer, founder of the Terror'Rythme crew in Brest, Brittany, France and now a contemporary dancer and choreographer. Charly teaches at CobosMika, our Spanish partner's organisation and is the main choreographer of the Spanish students' part of the show. He also takes part in the stage-directing of the theatre performance as a whole.

Charly Bouges

Co-founder and artistic director of CobosMika, a world famous contemporary dance school. Olga teaches masterclasses in the BBEDC project and contributes to the choreography of the show and the stage direction of the BBEDC event.

Olga Cobos

Irad Mazliah is a dancer and choreographer from Israel and now a resident artist at the Warsaw Dance Department in Poland. Irad is in charge of the choreography of the Polish participants to BBEDC.

Irad Mazliah

Dimitri Lumeka is a French choreographer and dancer. He founded the breakdance crew Wolfgang. He works with the French group for BBEDC, he has written the choreography and composed the music of their performance.

Dimitri Lumeka

Conor founded the renowned breakdance crew Bad Taste Cru who organize the world famous hip hop festival Just Jam in the United Kingdom. Conor teaches the British group of students at the Lawnmowers Independent Theatre Company. Conor is also the stage director of the BBEDC upcoming theatre performance.

Conor O'Kane, aka Bboy Doke

Last but not least Lazylegz. Luca Patuelli aka Lazylegz is a superstar in the hip hop world. He has travelled the world with his motto "no excuses no limits", challenging dancers in cyphers or giving motivational speeches. Lazylegz is also the founder of the Ill-Abilities crew starring Redo and many others mentioned here above. He will be coming to France in February 2019 for our performance to propagate his positive energy and who knows he may be our super guest star at the show!

Luca Patuelli, aka Lazylegz

Luca Patuelli, aka Lazylegz

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