The mobility to La Flèche was somewhat a big deal! We were to showcase our very first theatre show. It was such an important event for all of us: for the students taking part in the BBEDC project as dancers but also for those working with the filming crew, it was also the highlight of a 18-month work program for all the choreographers and teachers involved in BBEDC.

There was no time for tourism, we tried to maximize our 7 days in France by rehearsing and working on all the transitions of the show. We did however manage to squeeze in a morning in our partner's school, the Collège Petit Versailles, we even had our lunch there. Some of us livened up the usual classes by sharing powermoves to the delight of the French schoolkids!

During this week, LazyLegz and Redo gave a few speeches and taught several workshops in local primary schools and also at the IME (educational medical institution) and the whole Petit Versailles and BBEDC had the opportunity to attend LazyLegz's motivational speech in Coppélia, the local theatre. It blew our minds!

As for our show! BBEDC has had such a huge impact not only on us dancers, but on the whole community in La Flèche. Whether it be the local authorities, educational community, the people working with the disabled, the teenagers, the elderly, the children... We are proud to say that we managed to put on a proper theatre show and even better than that, a professional theatre show! The theatre was packed, we had pre-booked over 600 seats, and the audience was unanimous to praise the variety, skills, freshness and singularity displayed on stage. LazyLegz
honored us by a 15-minute solo performance which was the icing on the cake! After that we were unstoppable and the young BBEDC performers led the audience to the lobby for the aftermath: a 2-hour freestyle jam with all the young Europeans involed in the project. The cyphers soon opened up to local people who wished to take part and we were honored to listen to Matylda's 5-language a capella version of the European anthem. February 28th will be remembered for a long time in La Flèche!

On the last day, we were treated to another breakdance theatre show in Nantes by the famous Pockemon Crew, it was just awesome and it was a nice way to end a very busy, prolific and enriching week in France.

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