PALAMÓS Teaching Learning Mobility

15-21 SEPTEMBER 2018

Our visit to Palamós was all about work. After Rotterdam, we had all gone back to our home towns to work on our show "Same Difference" due in February 2019. We had had a few months to write and practice our part, choose our music and rehearse enough to make it look good in front of our erasmus friends. The weather on Costa Brava is perfect at that time of year and all our schoolmates and teachers thought we were going on holiday, but in fact it was strenuous work.


CobosMika organised the whole week for us. We got to rehearse in their studios and finally present our work to our partners. Everyone was pretty galvanized when they realized this performance was actually coming to life. This mobility also served as an artistic residence, we spent most time creating the parts of the show in which we will all be on stage at the same time.


Icing on the cake, our partner and friend Olga Cobos asked Brodas Bros to come to the studios to give us a masterclass on locking and popping, two dance styles that are often seen in hip hop. We even had to follow improvised dance classes on the rooftop of the hotel with Irad!


We did have a little time to visit Palamós, we tasted fish soup, tapas and paella, we went to a guided tour of the fishing museum and the Carmen Thyssem art museum, we spent a morning in our Spanish partners' secondary school, we had loads of fun at the local beach, it was great to be there all together, despite our age, linguistic, cultural or ability discrepancies, we all had fun together swimming in the sea or just chasing one another in the sand. Some of us even went scuba-diving.


This trip to Spain reinforced our bonds and boosted our motivation. We are so excited about the mobility to France in February!

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