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Festiwal Myśli Abstrakcyjnej - November 10th 2018, Warsaw

This edition of the Festival of Abstract Thought will be held under the slogan "I do not want to know." We will talk about what knowledge is and what attitude we have. We live in times of knowledge cult, great faith in learning, easy and quick access to information, we collect data on an unprecedented scale. American scientists prove things every day. The question is, do we actually have such easy access to knowledge, does quantity not affect quality? More and more often we hear that we are not reading anymore but just browsing through books. On the other hand, the level of complexity and the amount of knowledge overwhelms every average citizen of this planet. The last person who knew everything was Leibniz, we only had to ask questions to our web browsers. Maybe the expression "I do not want to know" is a manifestation of our survival instinct? The scale of the modern world may surpass us. Sometimes we also go easy, we do not cherish our curiosity, we are happy with simple answers and we lose touch with reality.

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