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Floor Wars - January 2019, Brussels

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Floor Wars is a dance event consisting mainly a 3 vs 3 breakdance / b-boying battle. The battle is arranged by the “Great 8”-principle: Eight crews from all over the world are invited as the Great 8 crews, which will be challenged by eight crews, that will be selected in a qualification prior to the main battle. Thus, any crew has the opportunity to enter the competition.

Our aim is to inspire both newbies and professionals of the break dance scene, and to provide a forum for networking and the exchanging of ideas and experiences. Not only do we want to present some of the best b-boys, we also want to present new talents from the underground and dancers, that challenge the existing norms in b-boying

As the name of the event indicates, the show is being held on the floor “arena-style” in order to preserve the intimacy and intensity of the battle.  In addition to the main battle, there are also side-battles going on, such as a 2 vs 2 Top-rock battle and a 1 vs 1 kids battle.

Floor Wars is arranged by Breakpoint, a hip-hop community formed to practice and develop the dance forms of hip-hop: Breaking, Electric Boogie and Locking.

Breakpoint is a forum for inspiration and communication involving different cultures with hip-hop as the shared outlook. Breakpoint range from some of Denmarks best dancers to absolute beginners. We do shows, arrange jams and offer dance-lessons.

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