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Someone Once Told Me - July 5th 2018, Rotterdam

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

In the performance 'Someone once told me' all kinds of dance styles are reviewed. The dancers tell stories of people who have inspired the choreographer. In history, telling a good story has always been of great value. With a shared story, groups of people can agree and work together. By sharing myths and (religious) stories, a sense of kinship arises and societies become possible. In short, a performance with the theme 'storytelling' that touches you! The message is passed on and is therefore not easily forgotten. Maybe you feel touched and after this performance you say: 'SOMEONE once told me'! The Albeda Danscollege trains to become a professional. The students are taught different dance styles such as Urban Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical Ballet and Modern. Every year the program presents a final performance with all four course years.

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