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The Kulture of Hype and Hope - April 2019, Utrecht

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

The Kulture of Hype&Hope is an international dance event that returns every three months with a grand final edition at the end of the seasons. The event is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It’s all about the love for dance, the passion for growth and having the experience of a lifetime. At all events there are 1-on-1 HipHop and Break battles from below the age of sixteen and above the age of sixteen. Out of all participants there will be chosen a top sixteen who battle to become the winner of the event. At every edition there is an extra standup dance style added to the program. These are: Locking, House, Popping and Krump. In this extra dance category there will be chosen a top 8 out of all participating dancers. Like at a soccer tournament there’s a knock out system that makes clear who has to battle who. Eventually one winner is chosen by the judges. International invited judges come to share their knowledge and experiences in an exclusive lecture. The lecturer also talks about the importance of one of the four elements to his or her career. The lecture ends with an interactive session where participants can ask their questions or share some of their experiences with the others.

The Hypest Cypher is a concept that is created by Giovani –Dimension- Vreede (founder), because cyphers in the HipHop scene where people spontaneously form a circle and dance after one another are almost history. He felt the need to put cyphers as a must have on his event.

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