ROTTERDAM Teaching Learning Mobility and Transnational Meeting

MARCH 2018

Rotterdam was our first mobility with students, so the first time we all got to know one another. It was weird at first, our group is very diverse, some are 11, some are 21! Some are semi-professional dancers, some are beginners. Some are breakdancers, others contemporary dancers. We speak five different languages and some of us are disabled.


Needless to say that this project is an unprecedented challenge for our choreographers. We need to thank by the way, Bboy Doke, aka Conor O'Kane who has taken up the stage directing part and who has managed to pull together all our differences and make them fusion somehow!


At Redo's studios in Gorinchem, we had a great time. We followed masterclasses, we learnt about the roots of hip hop, we took  classes in graffiti writing and DJ-ing. We created the introduction to our show and some transitional parts. We also went to Rotterdam Hip Hop Huis one morning to practice where all the great Dutch Bboys and Bgirls dance.


Jeroen, Redo, Karen and Jasper were great hosts and thanks to them we got to learn things about Dutch culture and Gorinchem. We took a boat to visit Loevestein castle, we also spent a morning in a Dutch school and had a great day all together at Efteling Theme Park, that was a real treat!


At the end of this trip many boundaries had fallen and we could feel this erasmus project was on its way to success!

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